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Studio Rentals

Our ultra-modern, 4,000 square foot facility, includes studio rentals, recording studio, and a full editing bay. These premium spaces have been engineered from the ground up to meet the needs of the most demanding productions.  Each studio is well equipped, soundproofed, and private.  With 3 infinity curve walls, private production suites, a state-of-the-art editing bay/control room and more, we have what you need to create your next masterpiece. Come by and check out the space today!

Studio Amenities

We offer free Wi-Fi, a dedicated concierge, fully-equipped kitchen, conference room, garage door accessible studio, hair and make-up room, and complimentary coffee, all packaged in a professional facility tailored to multimedia productions and sound recording. Not to mention our friendly and knowledgeable staff, to make your production a positive experience from start to finish.

Production Services

Prop your feet up on the dash and let us take the wheel! Artistic Visual Studios’ specialty is creative corporate video marketing and sound recording, but we provide an array of services including: video production, story-telling, story boarding, sound recording, TV broadcasting and a variety of other skills to bring you over-the-top media masterpieces. The Artistic Visual Studios development team’s goal is to create rich and passionate productions catered to the client to motivate and inspire their target audience. It’s all about the experience.

Wow, absolutely inspiring videos. Both videos are a “banquet for the senses.”
Vance Gillette,
Incredible studio. Truly a one stop shop for every production need. Great staff top of the line equipment and a company that strives to go above and beyond for each customer. The owner is a great guy and makes it his mission to know and listen to each customer for the best experience and product. The studio will quickly become the go to number one resource around.
Brandie Hill-Glover, Business Owner
The team at Artistic Visual Studios was hired to help display what my company has done for a customer using the latest video technology, instead I recieved a video that prestented my business in a way I could have never dreamed possible.  Thank you to Doug Johnston and his crew of professionals.
Randall Schultz, CEO, CaddForce

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Welcome To Unlimited Possibilities

Artistic Visual Studios Equipment and Studio Rentals Dallas Texas

We are the get up and go kids, the ones who don’t complain about rush hour because we left before it started and we didn’t stop working until it was over. We are the rising and setting of the sun, shedding light on innovation to drag you from the dark of the mundane. This is our vision.

We are driven by the idea that doing what you love means never working a day in your life. We are craftsman, building a stronger vessel to hurtle us towards the horizon and we won’t stop until we reach it. We do not work; we create. We are Artistic Visual Studios and we’re making magic happen right here, right now. Join us on stage and help us dazzle the masses. Let’s create something remarkable and drop jaws around the world.


Artistic Visual Studios Production Services Dallas Texas

Step into our office and be transported to a world built on imagination. Quality is our foundation, professionalism, our pillars. We have no ceiling (metaphorically speaking), but if we did it would reach beyond the stars. We’ve combined 4,000 square feet of vision-creating space so you can bring your dream project to life: Send someone to the jungles of the Amazon with our 30 foot infinity green screen.

  • Embrace the dark and illuminate your subject matter with our 30 foot black cyc wall.
  • Shield your eyes from the brilliance of our 30 foot pure white infinity wall.
  • Feel the sizzle of our fully-equipped, stainless steel kitchen.
  • Produce a symphony of sound sans interference with our professional sound proofing.
  • Blast away from the past and enjoy state of the art TV broadcast studios, recording/video equipment and software.
  • Get ritzy in our Hollywood-style hair and make-up room.
  • Go global with your event or production with our live TV broadcasting system.
  • Or just relax, put your feet up, and schmooze with your fellow artisans.

Lets Get Started!



Executive Producer, Doug Johnston       Water TV is taking the aquatic industry to a whole notha level!  Stay tuned, subscribe, and enjoy!

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